Homemade Fridge Slide

Homemade Fridge Slide

Alright, this time around the fridge is going in the back of the truck.  Last time, we had the back seat removed and the fridge was mounted behind the drivers seat.  Well that has changed for two reasons:  one, I couldn’t recline my seat….ever. And two, the dog would be pissed if I built him some half-width rear seat to sleep on.  So in the back it goes.  The only problem with the fridge in the back of the truck is the lack of access to it and the height to reach in looking for the last beer that slipped to the bottom.

Engel, the manufacturer of our fridge, makes some really sweet slide options, even ones that pull out and lower to a manageable level.  Starting to look around, I noticed one downfall to these things… they are friggin expensive!  Like $380-$700 expensive!  Too much for a drawer that the fridge moves on.  I scoured Amazon, Ebay and even Craigslist with no luck.  So feeling cheap I decided to make my own.  Here’s what I came up with…

Had the pan bent and welded by a local metal shop. It’s 14 ga.  The angle is 3″x3″ x1/8″, and the slides were ordered from drawer slides.com.  They are 200lb rated.

All Bolted Up


Test fit

Fridge Temporarily secured.  Just needs a coat of paint and it’s ready to roll.

As you can see, the truck is still in work mode but the build has begun.  Overall I’m very happy with the slide. I do not have a latch to secure it yet.  However, the distance from the slide to the tailgate is only 3/16″ so I’m thinking a couple of stick on cabinet bumpers and I’ll be good to go without a latch.

I was feeling so amped up about the savings I even fabbed up a set of artificial rain gutters for the roof rack.  Can you believe Yakima wants $17 a piece for these things?

So for about $160 and some time I saved myself about $325.  Not bad for a Saturday afternoon.