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Nate & Sarah

Nate and Sarah met in high school in 2002.  We both lived and attended college in Boston; Nate studied Construction Management at Wentworth Institute of Technology and I studied Social Work at Wheelock College.

We have a pretty relaxed lifestyle.  We are both extremely hard workers but try to fit in as much time as we can with things we enjoy.  We love to go hiking, camping, mountain biking;  if it’s outdoors, it’s for us.  We really enjoy the company of friends & family, good food and, of course, good beer!

In 2008 , we took a trip to Costa Rica for spring break.  After experiencing the relaxed vibe of Latin America, we were hit by the traveling bug for life.

In 2009, we left on a four month road trip traveling throughout the U.S and parts of Canada.  Living out of the back of our vegetable-oil powered truck,  we spent most of our time  in our National Parks, the Southwest and the West Coast. (You can check out this trip here.) We realize how much you can learn, not only from each other, but from others while traveling and it is something that we both have become addicted to.

There is something to be said about waking up to the sunrise on a deserted beach with no responsibilities, versus an alarm clock in the daily grind.  For us, these trips were experiences to remember; we hope you enjoy reading along as we take it down South to Argentina!



Brady is our pit/lab mix. He came into our lives in February of 2010.  We saw his picture in an ad in Craigslist and took the drive to see if he would be a good fit for our family. We pulled into an unknown driveway, and saw a little black dog prancing around the yard.  As soon as we met Brady, we knew he would be our best friend.  We found out that he was found in someone’s backyard in Arkansas with 100 other dogs; some dead, some alive.  There was no food, no water and no shelter from the sun.  The rescue agency was able to save about 30 of the dogs; Brady being one of them.

Once we got him home, we  realized that he had way more energy than we were ever prepared for and we wondered what we got ourselves into 😉  After a few months of training, Brady turned out to be a really great pet.  He is now part of our family, our best friend, and a true companion and we would not think twice about going on this trip without him!


We love for people to keep in touch so please feel free to email us anytime at :




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  1. karen landis October 3, 2012 at 7:07 am · Reply

    Hi! I’m Bobby’s girlfriend and have heard so much about you from your mom and bobby. I’ve been dying to learn more about your adventures so this website is perfect! Hopefully by the time you return I’ll be living in Maine and we can finally meet. I’ve speant a good deal of time wandering myself but you two have made an art of living the dream. Can’t wait to hear more!!! Enjoy!

  2. Isa H August 17, 2014 at 9:24 pm · Reply

    Hi Guys, I’m so glad for you.

    You made it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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